ESA Agenda 2025 Media Briefing


ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher spoke to journalists on 7 April 2021 to introduce ESA Agenda 2025, setting out ESA’s strategic priorities and goals.

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  1. ESA e as bandeiras dos países Unidos para …Os desafios de uma agenda cheia e muito ambiciosa até 2025! Que gratificante este empenho de todos…a ESA vai brilhar, explorar e vencer!! Obrigado ESA pelo Espaço, Infinito, futuro e compreensão do Universo!!

  2. The head of esa is ready for changes. But are the engineers in the teams are too? What I have seen in my life as an engineer is that most times HQ visions the future but at the working places you hear the words: "we've always done it that way" and the teams are very hard to convince to think about to do it different….. So, I hope for esa, that this change management has more success than in other companies.

  3. Thank you for a great press conference! You mention that you have a specific interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Which fields are you interested in using AI for? Image or signal amplification, medicine in space, autonomous vehicles and rovers or some other field entirely?
    As an ai in medicine researcher it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

  4. Dear Josef, thank you for this interesting presentation.
    I'm going to share some personal thoughts. If you want to create a ”boom” in the space industry you will need a program that will bring all of mankind closer to space.
    This means creating tools that will open the doors for everyone who wants to go into space, even children.
    We own technology that can create suitable environments for this, but we lack the funding.
    There are various ways to create funding. Still, that is a matter that can be addressed with the release of a promising project.
    Space, today, is a frightening experience because of all the complexity it carries behind the scenes. Just look at the numbers. This presentation should have an audience of millions.
    Bringing new aspirations will certainly change this.
    Hopefully you and your team will envision a future that will inspire a new gateway (for all) to the stars.
    Kind regards,

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