ESA Euronews: Ariane 6


The race is on to build the new launch pad for the Ariane 6 rocket, due to make its maiden voyage in July 2020. Construction is in full swing in French Guiana as Europe builds not only a new rocket but also a new way of launching rockets, in a bid to face down competition from the likes of Space X.

When Euronews visited, around 500 people were active on the site from six in the morning until ten at night, with attention focused on two key elements of the pad – firstly the huge flame trench which will take the hot gases away from the rocket on launch, and the new building in which the Ariane 6 will be built.

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  1. This is all great. However, like the Ariane 5, will the Ariane 6 be man rated? When will we finally send European Astronauts by our own means? It is getting quite old waiting our turn to with he Americans and the Russians…

  2. Ariane 6 is a political project, as is every large research project. If it fails to compete economically with SpaceX, I am sure it will be subsidized by the European governments so that it will be economically viable and a success. ESA can just buy the market – a luxury that SaceX cannot afford.

  3. I am a former employee of DEA Systembau.

    I worked on the Ariane 6 project with three co-workers from Poland.

    We assembled metal panels sheet and I built a steel construction for these panels.

    DEA wants to cheat us, namely, DEA does not want to pay for our work correctly.

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