ESA Euronews: Building a Moon base


Jan Woerner, Director General of the European Space Agency, has a bold new vision for space exploration. “My intention is to build up a permanent base station on the Moon,” he tells Euronews from the agency’s main control room in Darmstadt. “Meaning that it’s an open station, for different member states, for different states around the globe.”

Mankind has never had a permanent lunar presence, and so this new vision, that Woerner likes to call the ‘Moon village’, would represent a giant leap in space exploration.

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  1. The Moon is where we should start. It would be a sight to see Earth looking through binoculars. You have to crawl before you walk. Maybe we will reach Mars but this is as far as I'll go. I can't let Earth get out of my sight.😜😳😳😯😯💖👌😜

  2. why not do both moon and mars – even 'dropping' supplies is worth while – which have to do anyway – but perfects the craft and control systems – if it crashes as some will the supplies there – after a fashion

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