ESA Euronews: CubeSat, a satellite in a shoe box


Tiny satellites the size of a small cube, jam-packed with the most advanced nanotechnologies: is this the future of Space missions?

To find out, ESA Euronews went to Tallin, Estonia, where students at the Mektory Space Centre are preparing the launch of their first nanosatellite.

Nanosatellites – tiny cubes of 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, full of nanotechnologies — are going to be more and more important in the future of space exploration, from Mars missions, to the surveillance of asteroids, which could potentially be dangerous for our planet.

Also known as ‘CubeSats’ these tiny satellites open up a whole world of possibilities for those who want to explore space.

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  1. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE: Somehow, every narrator and person in this video seem like they're not really interested in what they're doing. Blank facial expressions, flat voices, like they are shop clerks forced to explain their dull job. This is the old fashioned way of promoting science. You're not selling it, just presenting it. A YouTube channel alone is not enough to get people excited about space. It needs a bit of pizzazz to it. Find people who are more animated. Your host with the little satellite was a good, but the dubbing was awkward. YouTubers are used to subtitles, this is not old continental Europe where everything must be dubbed like we are illiterate. Having one dubbed video per language is a clumsy and irritating way of doing it. If you make your videos good enough, you'll get many followers, and they'll start subtitling your videos to every conceivable language for you.

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