ESA Euronews: Flying Zero-G


If you fly a plane in the right way at the right speed, you can be weightless for a few seconds. By throwing the aircraft into an orbit-like path within Earth’s atmosphere, you can enter the wonderful world of weightlessness.
It is one of the best ways to simulate the environment of space, and a valuable experimental tool for scientists with a special interest in microgravity. If they want to find out how the brain works, study the natural posture of humans in space, or how water boils in a weightless environment, this is the way to do it.
Take a journey into a free-floating world of the parabola in this edition of Space.

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  1. Is that 'smoke trail' starting from 4:44 made by fuel overflowing the tanks?
    It can't be tip vortices because they only occur when lift is produced, which is not the case at 0G.

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