ESA Ministerial Council 2014: Press conference replay


Watch a replay of the press conference that took place after the conclusion of the ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial Level, Luxembourg, on 2 December 2014.

Ministers in charge of space activities within the 20 ESA Member States and Canada met in Luxembourg on 2 December to take key decisions on Europe’s launcher programmes, the European Participation in the ISS Exploitation Programme, the future European strategy for exploration and the evolution of ESA.

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  1. Outstanding news. All of the goals are met – ExoMars*, ISS and most importantly: Ariane 6. We'll have some good years ahead of ESA!

    *I should now go and laugh few people in a face who thought it'll never happen 😉

  2. How about introducing some gender equality into ESA's structural changes? I know this sounds like dull comment but that's a striking reality at ESA and as an educational and motivational model for kids and society, that's something you're obliged to deliver too.

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