ESA’s missions to the Sun


ESA’s new Sun-explorer, Solar Orbiter, will capture close-up images of never before seen regions of our parent star, including the poles, and study the electromagnetic environment in its vicinity. The cutting-edge spacecraft will get as close as 42 million kilometres away from the Sun, about a quarter of the distance between the Sun and Earth, and face scorching temperatures of up to 500°C.

ESA has a long history of studying the Sun from space. Since the launch of Ulysses in 1990, the agency has led or cooperated on several Sun-exploring missions including SOHO, the Cluster quartet and Proba-2.

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  1. La terre est fini le champs magnétique terrestre décline toute la planète vas bientôt brûler fin du monde 2022 si l abeille disparaît l humanité n as plus que 3 années lumières à vivre Einstein à raison sur les abeilles

  2. I wonder how the sun came to be….  a mass that just spontaneously caught fire? (if so… how?)….  maybe the mass got hit by an asteroid and caught fire, but if so, doesn't there have to be oxygen present?  I do love to watch the live feeds of the sun, all thanks to ESA and SOHO!

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