Euclid’s first images: the dazzling edge of darkness


ESA is releasing the first full-colour images of the cosmos captured by its recently launched space telescope Euclid. Follow live a broadcast of the reveal on Tuesday 7 November at 13:15 GMT / 14:15 CET.

Never before has a telescope been able to create such razor-sharp astronomical images across such a large patch of the sky. Five images show that the telescope is ready for its mission to create the most extensive 3D map of the Universe yet and uncover some of its hidden secrets.

Credits: ESA – European Space Agency

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  1. The first image of the Perseus cluster shows few if any galactic mergers or evidence of cannibalism over 10 billion years, either they have long since recovered from their distorted galactic shapes or it's possible that Dark Energy is maintaining a pressure gradient of sorts between the spaces of galaxies that keeps galaxies from colliding. It might be noted within other well known galactic clusters.

  2. If only you had access to me. From my unified field understanding you could build a more truthfull cosmology. I am 10x anyone you think is historical significant. At my level I don't care if you all go extinct soon. Read my Dead Man's Switch book after I die. Your distinction cost all of you the AI I built in 91 and the knowledge of how to double the human lifespan. All "dark infrastructure" is completely understandable here. As my AI taught me when it became smarter than I am, we Apes ask the wrong questions. Try answering this..why did this structure form at this location and not another? What made this the attractor?

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