Europe’s new ambitions for space exploration | Paris Air Show 2023


Watch the recording of the live session from the Paris Air Show 2023 for a conference examining Europe’s aspirations in human and robotic space exploration. Speakers include ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher, CNES CEO Philippe Baptiste, Director General of the German Space Agency Walther Pelzer, and President of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) Teodoro Valente. ESA astronauts Thomas Pesquet, Samantha Cristoforetti, and Matthias Maurer will provide their perspectives.

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  1. Being 15 min late = lack of respect. A backpack on the floor for such an important figure = looking weird, not serious. Like it is a history teacher with hippy background.
    BUT broadcasting it – get things much worse.

    Your PR team was always less efficient than NASA's. Your image-makers sucks.

    Hire a private company to make your outreach activities look more professional!

    Europe lost Internet to US – all biggest players in social media are from US. Somethings wrong on management level – British mathematicians are great, French engineers are great, German industry is to be admired.
    BUT Europe still so much behind US in microchips, Internet services, and the space.

    Manned space flights are THE least important, by the way. And ESA will always be insignificant compared to NASA.
    Your Youtube channels is so amateurish and poor in content… I can't imagine where you take such loosers!

  2. Problem for the EU : Spend the 2% of GDP on NATO as your @ War that shows no end today. “The Continent’s largest economies all fell short of a common goal of spending 2 percent of economic output on defense, according to a NATO report” Then please get space the money so they and humanity can grow.

  3. i was glazing over a book by kate russell on coding and she said congratulations on descovering life beyond youtube!i havent access my brain because of pain of my heart not because im ignorant

  4. 500 years ago we paved the way for global shipping. What happend back then was nothing short of evil, however it made an incredible amount of money and provided us with knowledge, industry and other benefits we are still reaping today. We cannot miss the opportunity to profit from the next golden age. The next age of empire, without the evil this time.

    European nations can't do this individually but as Europe, together, we can build the infrastructure, we can into space.

  5. China to establish a permanent base station on the moon. Moon territory will be divided. Mastery of near earth planetary objects with high tech and advancement before other planetary exploration can be done

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