Futura docking replay


The Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft approaches the International Space Station. The spacecraft lifted off at 20:59 GMT on 23 November (21:59 CET; 02:59 local time 24 November) and reached orbit nine minutes later.

Their spacecraft docked as planned at 02:49 GMT (03:49 CET), and the hatch to their new home in space was opened at 05:00 GMT (06:00 CET).

For more information about Samantha’s Futura mission online, visit http://www.esa.int/Futura

Follow the Futura mission with live updates from Samantha and the mission directors themselves on the mission blog ‘Outpost 42’ via http://outpost42.esa.int

Connect with Samantha on social media at:

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  1. Co to za bełkot,,,Mało tam śmieci lata,,,?!
    Ktoś rzuci hasło "UFO", i połowa wiary zaraz tu widzi,,,
    Przecież to trzeba mieć problemy z neuronami żeby w to wierzyć…

  2. Everyone is right. It was Unidentified (nobody knows what in fact was that), it was Flying (DUH) and it was a material Object. So yeah, semantically it WAS an UFO but ffs it wasn't "aliens" so stop it…

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