How Euclid team overcame this problem 🔧 #shorts


Euclid, our dark Universe detective was struggling to see the faint light from distant galaxies thanks to a tiny villain: ice! Building up on its mirrors, it was blocking the crucial light Euclid needs to unlock some of the Universe’s biggest mysteries – dark matter and dark energy.

But fear not! Across Europe, a team of brilliant scientists and engineers joined forces. Months of research led to a delicate de-icing procedure, and with a touch of targeted warmth, they were able to restore Euclid’s sight.

This icy situation turned into a shining example of international collaboration and innovative thinking. And who knows what cosmic secrets Euclid will uncover now that its vision is restored.

📹 ESA – European Space Agency

#ESA #Euclid #SpaceTelescope

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