How to create Artificial Intelligence in Python : Part-1 || Iron Man Friday?


Hello Friends, I am very excited while creating the video. This video is very close to my heart. Why? I love Marvel series specially the Iron Man and his AI Jarvis.

But, now Jarvis is Vision and at present his AI is Friday. So, i have tried to build same kind of Artificial Intelligence in Python.

RIght now, it a basic one. Which will greet, open C drive folders and good bye.

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  1. My python version : 3.8.0
    I have installed pyaudio 0.2.11 by downloading .whl file
    Some say i need to install libportaudio-dev but i can't install it using pip since it's not a py-pi
    Please tell me how should i resolve this error?

    PS C:UsersUserOneDriveDocumentsVisual Studio> python -u "c:UsersKartiOneDriveDocumentsVisual"





    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "c:UsersUserOneDriveDocumentsVisual", line 46, in <module>

    voice_note = read_voice_cmd()

    File "c:UsersUserOneDriveDocumentsVisual", line 30, in read_voice_cmd

    with sr.Microphone as source:

    AttributeError: _enter_

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