How to get pictures from the International Space Station via amateur radio


Did you know that astronauts on the International Space Station send pictures from space to ground over amateur radio that you yourself can get at home using your computer? Let us show you how to get them, step by step.

Jump to the video tutorial on how to receive SSTV pictures from the International Space Station using:
– Mac OSX:

– Windows 10:

– Windows 7:

– Ubuntu:

– iOS:

– Android:

– Raspberry Pi OS:

Websites shown in this video:

This project would not have been possible without the support of ESA Education, ESERO Ireland, ESERO Denmark, ESERO Spain, ESERO Portugal, ESERO Romania, ESERO Italy, ARISS and Goonhilly Earth Station.

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  1. La scienza va avanti, fa passi da giganti.🥰👏Il mio primo ricordo dei radio amatori: sono stati di grande, grande aiuto durante il terremoto in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) dle 06 maggio 1976. Buon lavoro .👏👏

  2. This is my idea i was thinking a few days ago. You took it from my head via remote neural monitoring. I don't mind that ESA has inspired from my idea but i do mind that i am remote neural monitored and also why did they choose that frequency 145 MHZ? What message does the number 145 transmits?

  3. Amazing ! I didn´t know the ARISS Site yet. Casually I heard it would be even possible to make a random Contact to ISS. But I did not get into it so far. Maybe some Day I´ll try to get in QSO via F3E with one of my Transceivers here in my LAB, but that would be a bit more challenging as writing Comments here on YT =)
    Along the Way You make a good Contribution for promoting Ham Radio with this Video.

    73 to all ESA and ISS Crew Members, Cheers and all the Best from Radio Operator DO9SUB, Z SPACE SCIENCE LAB where there is Music for Spacemen ! =)

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