How was England conquered? ⚔️ Battles of William the Conqueror (ALL PARTS)


🚩 I merged all parts of the William the Conqueror series into one video for easier viewing.

🚩 William’s story is truly a remarkable one. He endured a childhood in which others battled to seize his title and lands and had fought wars against his neighbours in France. But William the Conqueror is best known for his invasion of England in 1066. In the years that followed he conquered England, made agreements in Wales and turned the Scottish King into a vassal.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📝 Research and writing by Jonathan Woody

🎵 Music:

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  1. Guess it’s ok to betray the king 🤴 since the king pulled a fast one first. Doubt William would have won 🥇 if hadrada didn’t get involved. Pretty lucky coincidence. The English army prob much bigger yo!

  2. A quote by a chaplain about William the Conqueror after Hastings
    "Wherever he went, everyone laid down his arms. No way was barred to him; on all sides people flocked to submit or negotiate. He showed clemency to all, especially to the common people. Often his face revealed the pity in his heart; often he commanded mercy to be shown when he saw supplicants or poor people or noticed mothers and their children pleading with voice and gesture." – William of Poitiers

    Despite some inaccurate accounts/high debate regarding William's rise up to the Battle of Hastings in "Gesta Guillelmi", it clearly still shows that William had forever changed the landscape of England, and was a historical (& big genealogical link for those into their ancestry) founding father like what King Charlemagne was two centuries earlier in France & who would spread his influence across the entire realm of two continents for upcoming generations.

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