Images From Comet’s Mars Flyby On This Week @NASA- October 24, 2014


Several Mars-based NASA spacecraft had prime viewing positions for comet Siding Spring’s October 19 close flyby of the Red Planet. Early images included a composite photo from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope that combined shots of Mars, the comet, and a star background to illustrate Siding Spring’s distance from Mars at closest approach. Also, images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera, which represent the highest-resolution views ever acquired of a comet that came from the Oort Cloud, at the outer fringe of the solar system. The comet flyby – only about 87,000 miles from Mars – was much closer than any other known comet flyby of a planet. Also, Partial solar eclipse, Space station spacewalk, Preparing to release Dragon, Cygnus launch update, Welding begins on SLS, Astronaut class visits Glenn and more!

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  1. Dear NASA,

    Please will you hire a person with a decent voice and who doesn't have lisp to do your voice overs. The voice over guy that you have is terrible and is a big reason why I don't watch more of your videos on this channel.

    Thank you for your time,

    P.S. As a student I'm pretty broke and have lots of free time so please get in touch if you want to hire me 🙂

  2. Hey NASA has taken one of their 100 years old telescopes which they don't need anymore for important research and took pictures of glowing falling stars 🙂 Yeah! And, like always, invented a nice story about it. Great! Awesome! Astounding! Fabulous!

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