International Space Station toilet tour


ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shows how to use the most unglamorous but often asked-about part of living on the International Space Station: the toilet.

A fan creates suction to avoid smells and floating waste. Solid waste is stored and put in cargo ferries to burn up when the spacecraft leaves the Space Station. The astronaut urine is recycled – into drinking water.

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  1. What do the space women use when they're on their. Do they use pads like down here on Earth when they're on their ministration women what do they use when they're on their menstruation woman up in space do they use pads down here on Earth

  2. There is no way this thing could contain the blast if someone has the shits, I absolutely explode from my asshole all over the inside of the pan at home sometimes and I firmly believe that this bag would be ruptured and pop like a fecal water balloon.

  3. They need to start showing us how it’s really done—raw and live—for educational purposes. The ISS should install cameras on there and turn into a reality tv show. I think people would learn more about space that way.

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