LIVE Shop Talk 6: Talking Jetson Nano and Artificial Intelligence


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  1. I cannot believe how valuable this video is. It reminds me of the book "The old man and the sea". I'm not insulting Paul by mentioning the word "old", what I mean is despite he's a senior, he works on cutting edge technology like Jetson nano, withOUT abundant learning resources. And he did it alone! Man, ain't that brave and of a perfect role model?
    Let alone he's been very honest about this project's current issues. I doubt there are many people could do things like Paul.
    As many people on here have said, Paul, we love you.

  2. Great video, I think your suggestion on the python /CV course would be a wonderful precursor course. Count me in for all content. Thank you for all your efforts.

  3. Drink water instead of coffee. Room temperature. It will give you longer lasting energy than coffee. Don't drink anything cold, ever. We are usually tired because we are dehydrated.

  4. May I ask who your favorite mathematician is? I've really started to enjoy learning math, as I'm influenced by your speech. Thank you, Paul. Math makes me smarter.

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