Magic Traveling Flame – Sick Science! #011


You may think it’s impossible or that we have completely lost our mind, but we are going to teach you a trick that will have your friends thinking you are magic. You can relight a candle without touching the flame to wick… only the smoke needs to be touched! It seems ludicrous, but it really works. And who knows, you might just learn some science about candles that you didn’t know before.

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  1. Because its already hot enough for it to light before the actual heat of the flame touches it. like if you put paper on top of an electric cooker, there's no flames but it can still catch a light -cough- not like i tried it or anything…. >.> 😛

  2. a candle works by vapourizing wax in to CO2, H2O

    the vapourized mixture is very hot it is why you stick your hand briefly in the flame but hold your close to the vapour and it burns even more!

    it is the vapour that allows a flame to travel back to the wick not the smoke the extra heat causes the wick to combust in to flames again

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