Mapping the future of our forests with Microsoft AI


Microsoft’s AI for Good initiative empowers people around the world working to solve humanitarian issues and create a more sustainable and accessible world. Learn how SilviaTerra is empowering conservationists, government organizations and land owners to inventory forests for ecological social and economic health using AI.

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  1. I love Microsoft, probably one of the best companies right now. Also, they have one of the best CEO Satya Nadella. Hopefully, they will continue to work on important issues such as sustainability.

  2. Artificial Intelligence is mapping the forest to destroy it – not to save it – artificial intellegence does not need forest – it needs mines – using the excuse to help can profile where all the forest are and destroy it easier dont believe me? Do your own research – fertile farm land and forest is been destroyed to make way to lithium mines and gold mines these minerals are necessary in construction of robots

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