Marj Dabiq (1516) – How one battle turned the Ottoman Empire into a global superpower


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🚩 The conquest of the Mamluks by Selim I was the largest military venture any Ottoman Sultan had ever attempted. Egypt proved extremely profitable for the empire as it produced more tax revenue than any other Ottoman territory and supplied about 25% of all food consumed. Meanwhile, Mecca and Medina officially made Selim and his descendants the Caliphs of the entire Muslim world until the early 20th century.

📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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📚 Sources:
God’s Shadow: the Ottoman Sultan Who Shaped the Modern World (2020), Mikhail, Alan. ISBN: 978-0-571-33192-5.
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  1. Fun fact. Mamelukes were Turkic governed state. Even the states name was "Et Devlet-üt Türkiyye" Which literally translates to the "The State of the Turkiye"…

  2. Cem descendents have convented to christianity and becoma papal prince later on. In 1960-80, they seek an acknowledgement of being Ottoman hausehold and been refused on the basis that they accepted being papal vassal and their liegee is the Pope. Remember, Ottoman sultans have become Qhalifah of Islam after Selim conquered Egypt.

  3. I dont know why everyone say Suleyman the best ottoman sultan.Suleyman was a good sultan for his code of law,but Selim, Mehmed 2 and Murad 2 deserve more.
    In 8 years,Selim doubled the size of empire,crushing both safavids and mamelukes and capture the holiest place of Islam. No other ottoman sultan had that feats.
    Mehmed 2 was another marshal sultan.Capturing Constantinople, subduing most of the balkans and fought numerous battle against legendary figures like hyunadi,sigismund, skandarbeg,vlad and uzun hassan.
    Murad 2 is the most underrated ottoman sultan.winning crushing victory against superior latin crusader force time after time.

    Compare to these three,Suleyman's achievement is nothing significant. Yes he won key battle in rhoades,mohacs and preveza,but during his reign ottoman forces was best in world.If Mehmed or Selim had that army anf reign 46 years,they would reach paris or samarkand

  4. A "superpower" conquering deserts … good luck with that! Easy to achieve, hard to keep. If you tax poor desert regions, they will revolt. If you don't tax them you will not get enough revenues to keep your armies and fleets going, and so you cannot defend the areas conquered. I think the Ottoman Empire was one of the economically nonviable ones. The Swedish Empire was one such, but in the end it abolished itself through Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, aka Charles XIV John.

  5. In Turkish we have a saying that reads: "Yavuz'a vezir olasın." It literally translates to "I hope you'll be a vizier to [Sultan Yavuz] Selim", a phrase used for people who you want to perish lol. This is because Selim was kinda notorious for having his pashas/viziers executed if they ever failed or crossed him.

    It is said that he brought back so much gold following the conquest of the Mamluks that new chambers had to be built in the imperial palace in Istanbul. This gold was one of the driving forces that fed the Ottoman war machine back then and helped Suleiman continue his pressure in the Balkans.

    In my opinion, Selim does not get the recognition he deserves, compared to Mehmet the Conqueror and Suleiman the Magnificent. His story is truly impressive and unique in the Ottoman history, he forced his father to abdicate the throne (then allegedly poisoned him to death), marched against another Muslim powerhouse a.k.a the Safavids and conquered all the way into the Mamluks while crossing the notorious Sinai Dessert within two weeks.

    Many of Turkish historians refer to Selim as Turkish version of the Alexander the Great, due to the similarities in their effective eastern expansion. Although he was sultan for a brief period of eight years, the legacy he left behind echoed in the region for centuries to come.

  6. This was not a battle like any other . For both sides . As they were fighting their brothers. There was unease on both sides especially for the ottomans who till then had been fighting a "noble" holy war against the inf.ide. l west

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