Mars 2020 Rover and Beyond News Teleconference from NASA Headquarters in Washington DC


During a July 31 briefing at NASA headquarters, agency officials announced seven science instruments, out of fifty-eight proposed, have been selected to be part of the next rover NASA will send to Mars in 2020. The Mars 2020 rover will be a new version of the Curiosity rover currently operating on Mars – with more sophisticated hardware to conduct unprecedented science and exploration technology investigations, including geological assessments, habitability of the environment and searching for signs of past life on the Red Planet.

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  1. Hey Nasa, what does Mars sound like? Hey Nasa, what does Mars smell like? Hey Nasa, what is the video like on mars when you actually record the rover wheels turning on the dirt, or catch a dust devil in action? The new rover will have over 20 cameras and not a single one records video, and I get it there is not much animation on mars, but we still want to see video. This is not the Viking 1 and 2 days, Pictures are done to death, and it has become boring.

    Why are you so hell bent on finding life on Mars? There is so many ways you can look for it. I'm sure there is fossilized microbial bacteria somewhere on Mars like there is throughout our solar system(and even then that is very boring). The ingredients for life are all throughout our universe, and it would not be a shocker if you find it on Mars, it's old now, just leave it alone, people are no longer inspired by this. The only thing interesting about Mars rover 2020 is that it's going to make oxygen, and to see how the new wheels do on the surface of Mars.

    People are getting tired of waiting a whole decade only to find out you are sending the very same rover with the same tech on board, with so called new ways to hunt for life. Please cut out all this life hunting garbage just to satisfy the curiosity of a hand full of lab nerds. I understand by using the same rover you save money on R & D and its proven. Please just find other ways to utilize this thing other than the hunt for life.

  2. Really, why didn't you put the equipment on curiosity … you're going to Mars you figure you want to look for life I as well, for the money we spent should already been on it. Just another way of stalling about life on Mars

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