Mars Rover 2020’s Name Reveal


Drum roll, please: You voted on names for our #Mars2020 rover. Find out which was selected!

Our newest Mars rover’s name – and the student behind it – will be announced LIVE Thursday, March 5 at 1:30 p.m. EST.

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  1. who manipulated the NASA have been collecting samples from the same planet for more than 60 years I do not understand there is no progress and people do not realize they should make giant productive robot ships not the isms that run 1 miles in several hours for the time they have supposedly been investigating it is time to take another course I think they will always do the same they will only send a cart from the laboratory if they continue like this the people will dry up and end up look at another cart they will send so that you can go out with the earth storms that are there we all know there is water there is oxygen and the raw material is in depth that is the same as on our planet

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