Middle-School Student Names NASA’s Next Mars Rover


NASA’s next Mars rover has a new name: Perseverance. After sorting through more than 28,000 submissions from K-12 students from every U.S. state and territory, one name was chosen. Alexander Mather, a 13-year-old student from Virginia who submitted the winning name, explains why he chose Perseverance as the name of NASA’s next robotic scientist to visit the Red Planet.

News release: https://go.nasa.gov/3apLgmC

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  1. "not as a nation, but as humans." I prefer, maybe, "not just as a nation, but as humans." After all, NASA (NATIONAL Aeronautics and Space Administration) is funded by Americans, who are a NATION that generously makes a lot of its discoveries in space available to all humans. Sorry but nations make up humanity and individuals make up nations, you can't skip the middle bit.

  2. Years ago I had the pleasure of sitting next to Isaac Asimov at a dinner. When he got up to speak on the podium, he said, "I like to call myself a FUTURIST..because I write of worlds that could be.." He'd be VERY proud of you, Alex. Way to go!!

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