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On 23 March 2022, ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer successfully performed his first extravehicular activity (EVA) alongside fellow @NASA astronaut Raja Chari. The spacewalk, dubbed “US EVA 80”, was carried out in support of assembly, refurbishment and maintenance work on the International Space Station.

In this video, Matthias Maurer answers questions and reports on his experiences, feelings and the challenges he faced during his almost seven-hour-long spacewalk.

00:00 – 01:56 What was it like to leave the ISS for the fist time?
01:57 – 04:07 Can you compare a spacewalk with underwater training?
04:08 – 05:37 What was your most difficult task?
05:38 – 08:17 There was a “problem” at the beginning. What happened?
08:18 – 10:21 Were you able to enjoy the view?
10:22 – 11:46 You flew over your homeland, Saarland, during the EVA. Were you able to see your home?
11:47 – 12:39 What surprised you the most and what did you not expect at all?
12:40 – 16:26 How did you feel afterwards and how did you sleep?

During his Cosmic Kiss mission, Matthias Maurer will live and work aboard the International Space Station for approximately six months, conducting and supporting more than 35 European and numerous other international experiments in orbit.

Video in German here:

More info on Cosmic Kiss here:

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  1. It sounds like he got to do a lot of basteln, playing with cable ties etc. I kinda want astronauts to sign or draw something on the outside of the station, it'd be a cool tradition to start. Imagine how cool it would be if a future astronaut was doing a spacewalk and saw "Matthias was here" scribbled somewhere on the station.

  2. What is going to happen to the European Robotic Arm after the Russian invasion? The arm is installed on the Nauka module, but it's still not activated. Are extravehicular activities still planned by Mathias and Samantha to make the ERA operational?

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