MAVEN is on the way on This Week @NASA


The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN, or MAVEN spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on a 10-month journey to Mars. MAVEN will take critical measurements of the Martian upper atmosphere to investigate how loss of the atmosphere to space impacted the history of water on the planet’s surface. Also, Happy anniversary, ISS!, Asteroid Ideas, LADEE in science orbit, Orion progress, Rocket autopilot test, Commercial crew, and more!

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  1. In the longer term's planning ahead towards the 15 to 20-years from now nearby future, NASA and their Co-operative Space Exploration & Space Science Joint Partners in the Western World, ought to seriously sit down & draw-up some real Computer-aided technical simulations & some very realistic virtual testings of the best construction means & putting-in-place of at least two indipendent larger-scale constantly manned Space Stations, somewhat similar to the current ISS, but orbiting the Moon instead of the Earth – it should be a Great Future first Main Base-camp, so to say, for – in the next step, then establish a permanently manned Ground Base on the Moon surface, for both vital Scientifical and Commercial use.
     – Tobbe in Sweden –

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