Meet Former NASA Astronaut Kathy Sullivan: the First American Woman to Walk in Space


35 years ago, on October 11, 1984, NASA astronaut Kathy Sullivan became the first American woman to walk in space. We video chatted with Kathy to ask her about this historic feat as well as her thoughts on the upcoming all-female spacewalk scheduled to take place October 21, 2019, with NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir.

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  1. This is a total humiliation. Women had to wait 50 years to be able to walk in space, we should be crying today, even dogs did it before us. The funny is that our bodies are much better designed for jobs like this, we are lighter. More accurate and also more flexible and agile. @nasa lack of respect towards women 😢

  2. Who cares. The first space walk ever is news. The first female space walk is just another space walk. How about the best qualified does the job their supposed to regardless of gender.

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