Mission Control at NASA Johnson Space Center: History and Restoration


“This is Mission Control, Houston.” From this legendary room, America conducted some of its most amazing space missions. This video montage captures the significance of the Historic Mission Control Center at the NASA Johnson Space Center, which has undergone a massive restoration to bring the room back to life as it appeared during the Apollo era. Historians and technicians have made every effort to ensure historical accuracy and to preserve this room for future generations. As NASA looks to send humans deeper into space than ever before with the Artemis Program, Historic Mission Control will serve as a reminder that anything is possible.
News release: https://go.nasa.gov/30eykLm
Download this video: https://images.nasa.gov/details-jsc2019m000564_HistoricMissionControl_FB_MP4.html

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  1. I was not born to fully appreciate our adventures to the moon. But I am lucky enough to have been able to walk around the Johnson Space Center when tours were self directed, had tons of walking to each and every building, and actually got to sit and eat in the same commissary that astronauts used before security had to be changed.

  2. What an honor to all of those involved.
    Fortunate enough to have watched it all unfold as an 11 year old & never can get enough of it, brings back such wonderful memories.
    Thx to NASA & the entire Apollo team, lovin every minute of this historic anniversary.

  3. Ormai la corruzione dilaga senza freni…questi sono CARTOONS…ma chiedetevi una cosa…vai nello spazio e non fai una, dico una foto alla terra? Ma dai…la terra e' piatta e nello spazio l'uomo non puo' andarci! FINITELA!

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