Mystery Balloon Pop – Sick Science! #190


One balloon is blown up inside of another when you use a magnifying glass to focus light onto their surfaces. You expect the balloons to pop, but only the balloon on the inside bursts. What’s going on here? The Mystery Balloon Pop is a tremendous lesson in the power of the sun’s rays and the absorption of light and heat. Did we mention you’re popping balloons for science? Get started!

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  1. light is converged 2 times. one though the magnifying glass and second through the white transparent balloon. and the black one is opaque that's why light does not converge in it. if the white one was opaque, it would pop. and of course black absorbs heat very quick. hope its the good ans. confirm me plz

  2. as the light passes easily through white balloon then the black balloon inside absorb all wave light frequencies which cause to increases in the temperature of black balloon and causes to pop

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