Narrated 3D tour of the International Space Station


Put your 3D glasses on and take this narrated tour of the International Space Station. Visit all the modules of humankind’s weightless laboratory orbiting Earth 400 km above.

The narration is available in six languages:

This video is shown to visitors at ESA’s technical heart ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

A 2D version is also available on our website:

NOTE: We have noticed that the 3D does not work well on all
browsers. It seems it works best with FireFox vr. 46. IE & Chrome have issues with the 3D.

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  1. 'The ISS is the biggest structure ever built in space', and yet there is no real video or photographs of its construction, only CGI… Strange that…

  2. A great watch in Cardboard! but the video is squashed vertically… makes it feel that there isn't much crew space on the space station (which is probably true).

  3. If you search online, you can find free 3D glasses. The red/blue ones are called Anaglyph. Search for Anaglyph 3D glasses.
    I didn't think this video made the best use of the 3D effect. But it was still cool. The Space Station is super-close to the Earth. If the Earth was the size of a basketball, the Station would be one quarter inch away. But it's zero g, so it gives us a chance to prepare when we go to set up colonies on the Moon and on Mars. I think we should have a Lunar colony first… then a Mars colony. Mars is super far away and probability says there will be deaths there from lack of the medical care available on Earth. The moon is much closer and we should practice building habitats there first. Also, Mars has no magnetosphere. That means the sun's radiation will be hard to stop. Maybe we'll have to live undergroundl.
    I'm disappointed 3D never really caught on. I guess people don't like wearing glasses. But I don't mind. It's worth it to feel like you're in the scene.
    The new 'virtual reality' glasses are pretty cool, but they're not catching on much either. What a shame. One day, I predict that all movies will be 3D in Imax format.
    The engineering college i attended – Drexel University – had a 3D chess set in the hallway in 1968. It was a laser holographic projection. I thought we'd have hologram TV decades ago. I guess it costs too much. Plus, manufacturers need to agree on one format, so they avoid the videotape VHS/Beta wars of the seventies. I remember seeing my first video at a party. A guy had a porn tape playing. This may seem like nothing special to you. but back then it was a miracle! It was heaven to be able to watch a porn flick in your own home whenever you wanted! It meant I didn't have to go to a movie theater. (Not that I did… nudge, nudge, wink, wink lol).
    Today we take lots of tech for granted, but also we're missing out on some tech… like 3D. i'm not a gamer, but do video games use 3D? Is it good?

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