NASA and, ESA Unite for Mars Missions


NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have joined to share resources and expertise on three future science missions to Mars. In three separate robotic missions (the first in 2016), both agencies will study the possibility of past life on the Red Planet, as well as test communications relays and other geochemical and biological mysteries. The third mission, in the 2020’s, will return to Earth a sample taken from the Martian surface.

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  1. Well NASA needs to team up with ESA after they spent the entire budge of the next two mars missions on the MSL. Man that thing represents everything that is wrong about NASA atm.

    God Speed, volts wagon in space!

  2. Instead of the cold war, and the recent wars, all the money spent to that is lost forever, and it only brought death.Without all that we could already be on mars…But no one knows how to invest the money, the only thing that people can think of is war.

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