NASA astronaut discusses life in space


Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 40 Commander Steve Swanson of NASA talked with the CBS Radio Network and the ABC Digital Network about the daily activities he’s involved in on the orbital laboratory, during a pair of in-flight interviews May 27. Swanson and his two Russian crewmates will welcome three new crew mates on May 29.

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  1. nasa i was wonderen if you guys could shoot a space telescope.A powerful telescope that it goes inside a black holeand seeswhat happens when something goes inside it.

  2. the title of the video is imprecise. im living in space and im located somewhere on Earth. OOhhh i wonder where…

    > outer-space…. this is the precision that was required with this verbal slingshot!

  3. you know where lied to all the time by our gov and nasa works with them and you think theyl tell you the truth they even declassify stuff saying o well we lied but every one follows like sheep any thing they say is 10% truth and 50% lies and 40% propaganda please every one do your own research before listing to them o n maybe do some research on the the 9th planet they supposedly just found nubriu , planet x, nemesis, wormwood its all the same

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