NASA Astronauts Conduct Space Walk To Make Important Repairs On International Space Station


Outside the International Space Station, Expedition 41 Flight Engineers Reid Wiseman and Barry Wilmore of NASA replaced a voltage regulation device and relocated camera and television equipment during a spacewalk Oct. 15, the second excursion outside the Quest airlock by station astronauts in U.S. spacesuits in as many weeks. The voltage regulator, called a Sequential Shunt Unit, failed in May, taking down one of eight power channels for station systems. Its replacement brought the station’s electrical output back to full capacity. The repositioning of the camera and television equipment was the first step in a major reconfiguration of station systems and modules to accommodate next year’s delivery of new docking adapters that will be used by commercial crew vehicles later this decade. The spacewalk was the 183rd in support of station assembly and maintenance, the second by Wiseman and the first for Wilmore.

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  1. And still some people believe the Earth is flat and that space doesn't exist. How much some people can deny reality is almost as amazing as this video.

  2. lmao people who think this is live video from outer space need to put down the drugs and breath some of earth's natural air or maybe the chemtrails are what make people automatically belive this none sense.

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