NASA Explorers S4 E4: Before the Rocket


Our team of scientists is just days away from their research being loaded onto a SpaceX rocket that will carry their experiment to the International Space Station. This week on #NASAExplorers, we are following along with them in the busy days leading up to launch at Kennedy Space Center, as they do all of the last-minute preparations to get their experiment ready for microgravity.
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  1. Part of me would like to know why NASA turned off their comments on the Mike pence Post.. The other part of me wants to know why anyone interested in nasa wants to hear a bible thumping anti science guy like pence talk for 20 mins

  2. Pretty disgusting to turn off comments on the newest vid, i thought out of anyone nasa would encourage discussion and criticism. Maybe next time stick to nifty tech vids

  3. I have found Gravity to be completely reliable here on earth. Funny how we never give it a second thought, till we slip and fall. All the best with the mission, keep safe.

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