NASA Explorers S4 E7: Back to Gravity


With the experiment’s journey complete, Elaine Horn-Ranney Ph.D. and Parastoo Khoshaklagh Ph.D. now join the thousands of scientists who’ve performed research aboard the International Space Station, making the most of what microgravity has to teach us.

Although the thrill of the rocket launch may be over, our scientists still have one of the most exciting parts of their journey ahead: sharing their results with the world.

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  1. Loved this series. Great to see the process of making an experiment and get it to work in space.
    Wish the best to this scientists, and that the results be helpful for all.

    Best wishes from Portugal 🇵🇹

  2. I am a Korean student who is really interested in space and I am tired of seeing English. So, can you add Korean subtitles?

    For your information, English may be wrong because of the translation machine.

  3. All are saying that on 29 april 2020 an asteroid will bring to an end of earth. Is it true or just a rumour. Please tell us the truth with any scientific reason,if any.

  4. Есть гравитация. Есть более большая антигравитация в которой объекты разгоняются до большого взрыва. За антигравитацией мега большое количество материи, или в ней. Так что наша вселенная микроскопична. Или мы находимся внутри мега планеты, от которой антигравитация откалывает и разгоняет куски. Или за шаром материи, находится антигравитация затем еще один шар материи. Так устроена наша вселенная, бесконечность антигравитации. 🙂

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