NASA in Silicon Valley Live: Moon 2024


Our greatest adventures remain ahead of us as our #Artemis program will send the first woman and next man to the Moon in five years! Join us at 6 p.m. EDT for a new episode of NASA in Silicon Valley Live to learn about our plans to explore the lunar surface and eventually send humans to Mars.

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  1. Commercial funding is a must, because governments don’t see how critical space exploration is to the human species and their future and therefore won’t fund space programs correctly.

  2. Why do liberal whites Force everyone to have to sit next to negroids smelly balloons uneven nose. SLS is worthless the Orion has Jagged edges that will cut you SpaceX has smooth everything

  3. Moon by 2024? Ha ha ha… yer, right….. Ha ha ha… You’re all too far up your own arses with your silly smart phones these days to do what real men did in 1969, so dream on….

  4. oh great news 2024!!!!! and i didnt know about the resources on the moon!!! i was a little concerned in the past decades on the will of the US to do this stuff. getting excited!!! nasa keep communicating so normal people can follow!!!!!

  5. nice magic and comedy btw… and the teh demand for applications and rival servers… just imagine if you failed everything for the exact reason with proofs… the most asexual story at the end of your life and random people just walking in random directions

  6. The body language of all 4 is typically American, lol. It’s amazing that you can usually identify Americans with audio off just by looking at how they move.

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