NASA Mission Sheds New Light on Full Sun


For the first time, NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, spacecraft, has provided a view of the entire sun, including its far side. Scientists can now gain a better understanding of the dynamic nature of our star and give earlier predictions of space weather events that can impact our technological infrastructure.

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  1. @moneyman10k
    the distorted part is because the satellites are now "almost exactly opposite each other" and the object of interest is a sphere.
    pretty soon they will be both slightly on the far side and combined with the earth's view (that makes 3 cameras) the view will be complete for the next eight years.

  2. Is there a top and bottom view, or does the satellite and earth based view cover them? If not, is it because any mass ejections from the top or bottom will be less likely to cause problems here on earth?

  3. imagine if they found out that the thing that power the sun was this enormous oil, i guarantee you, in one day the u.s. gov. will create this inflammable suits out of no where and send a man to get it. lmao

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