NASA Rover on Course for Mars Landing


With less than three weeks to the scheduled landing of the Curiosity rover on the Red Planet, leaders of Mars Science Laboratory team field questions form media about the mission, the most difficult ever undertaken in the history of interplanetary robotic exploration.

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  1. Why Curiosity is not on Mars?
    1.1 year has passed, not shown online video to have a
    2Mbit/s modem 400-437MHz.
    2. all images are made by 2 Mp camera-photographs of
    poor quality.
    3. in the orbit of Mars started MRO, RF modem 100W,
    6Mbit/s-just one file made by optics HiRAISE is 5 GB
    (!), TIFF, 300 km-30sm (1 pixel).
    4. the staff of NASA does not allow users to see the
    originals of photographs made by MRO.

  2. Me from 🇹🇷
    I whact 2020
    I love space
    our country has developed a lot but unfortunately it is not interested in space but i still love our country so much i don't like america but i am following you with my heart

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