NASA Social with NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg


NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg spoke with social media followers and their guests at NASA Headquarters after recently returning from a 5.5-month stay aboard the International Space Station. Participants learned how Karen lived and worked from space, and as an artist, quilting and drawing during her off time; how she managed the unique aspects and challenges of parenting off the planet ; how as an astronaut and fitness lover, she exercised while on orbit ; current scientific experiments underway aboard the space station; how researchers study the effects of a weightless environment on the human body to help protect astronauts for long-duration spaceflight missions in the future; and how the space station is being used to test groundbreaking, new technologies that will help astronauts safely reach new deep space destinations, including an asteroid and eventually Mars.

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  1. Lol @ 21:30 feedback troubles. I'm an audio technician myself. I know what that's like 😉

    Karen's Lav mic is pointing at her shoulder. It needs to be pointing at her throat, so the gain doesn't need to be as high.

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