NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Report #16 — November 29, 2012


A NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover team member gives an update on developments and status of the planetary exploration mission. The Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft delivered Curiosity to its target area on Mars at 1:31:45 a.m. EDT on Aug. 6, which includes the 13.8 minutes needed for confirmation of the touchdown to be radioed to Earth at the speed of light. The rover will conduct a nearly two-year prime mission to investigate whether the Gale Crater region of Mars ever offered conditions favorable for microbial life.

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  1. If it takes soo long for pictures, then why can this robot be remote controlled? it gets its info from satellite so why cant it send the pics back like it gets controlled thro the orbiting satellite???

  2. Finally, I know A LOT of folks are relieved that Curiosity was able to take a photo of itself.
    Never mind that it would have been vastly cheaper and faster to take of pic of Curiosity prior to launch, but, ok, they took one once it got to mars.
    Such a valuable craft with so much important science to do and they waste their time and precious energy taking pictures of themselves…
    Can anyone say "narcissist"?

  3. there is a lag between the controls as well as sending pictures, think its only a few minutes, but that why you have to be careful driving one of these things, thing cod with bad lag !

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