New training for ESA astronauts


In Bonn, Germany, two ESA astronauts recently went through a brand new training programme which could be very useful in case of no contact with the ground or when communication might be delayed.

Samantha Cristoferetti and Matthias Maurer were taught basic mechanical, electronic, electrical and pneumatic skills and how to use these skills to troubleshoot their equipment in space.

This new training, commissioned by ESA, has been developed by the Dr. Reinold-Hagen Foundation and by Space Application Services.

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  1. A good idea. They never know when well-practiced maintenance skills can prove useful on the station, especially in a potentially problematic situation. Samantha put it well by pointing out their stays are already maintenance-heavy anyway. 🙂

  2. And we know why this is now happening don't we, the Funding is supposed to be up in 2024, though, there are rumours it may be extended to 2028,…moving on, giving the funding is up in a number of years, this training will help the astronauts repair the ISS and other models on the cheap.

  3. Can't believe that's the first time for this kind of training. I would have thought there would have already been some kind of skill building in this discipline. Anyway looks like a really great thing

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