October Spacewalks Aboard the Space Station on This Week @NASA – October 13, 2017


The Oct. 10th spacewalk outside the International Space Station was the second in less than a week by NASA’s Randy Bresnik and Mark Vande Hei – and one of three U.S. spacewalks planned for October. The astronauts lubricated the new latching end effector they installed on the Canadarm2 robotic arm on Oct. 5. They also replaced a faulty camera system and completed several other tasks. Joe Acaba will join Bresnik for the next spacewalk – currently scheduled for Oct. 20. Also, California Wildfires Seen from Space, NASA Pinpoints Cause of Earth’s Record CO2 Levels, Send Your Name to Mars, Celebrating the First Piloted Supersonic Flight, and Potential Asteroid Warning Network Tested!

This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library: https://images.nasa.gov/#/details-NHQ_2017_1013_October%20Spacewalks%20Aboard%20the%20Space%20Station%20on%20This%20Week%20@NASA%20%E2%80%93%20October%2013,%202017.html

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