Orion’s protective backshell installed on This Week @NASA – August 25, 2014


Engineers at Kennedy Space Center have finished installing the Orion spacecraft’s backshell – the black protective tiles on the cone-shaped sides of NASA’s new deep space capsule. The backshell tiles are the same type that protected the underside of space shuttles — and will not only provide protection from debris while in space but from extreme temperatures in that area of the spacecraft as it returns from space – which could exceed 31-hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Also, SLS anti-geyser testing, Webb’s replica backplane, Arctic Sea ice loss, Ancient Earth, Alien Earths and more!

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  1. I don't think Orion on its own will be able to take humans to mars. Orion maybe able to do the re-entry from deep space, but the space inside is just too small I think for such a long mission…

    Maybe like a bunch of Delta IV heavy rockets with different parts of a "multiple component" space craft would work…Assembled in space…

    The Orion in itself is uber-cool though 😀

  2. only three milestones left in the Orion build 1. Transport Orion to the Payload Hazard Facility and load with fuel and explosives. 2. Transport Orion to the RIF (Rotation Integration Facility) and install the Launch Abort System after it has been tested at ATK Thiokol. and 3. Transport Orion to Launch Pad 37 and install on the rocket.   

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