Owen Benjamin on AI and Transhumanism


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  1. People actually went to the Moon. Owen is lying for clicks and he knows that, which is shady, because he claims he never lies knowingly, which is bs and a jew in him

  2. I agree with u big bear, 5g and AI taking over the world is more FEAR mongering.
    How can AI take over? How does a computer build a cyborg manufacturing plant?
    Even if AI became self aware and started communicating with itself all it can do is start bitching about it's human overlords behind our backs.
    If there where any sort of threat get some scissors and cut the Ethernet cable, computer can't communicate anymore.

  3. you're so right, man. my husband are christians who hold fast to the bible (king james version), and keep noticing church goers not believing in the bible. God is true and these Luciferians are liars! Everything is falling apart – those algorithms can't keep up with my scattered brain that searches a kabillion different things in one day! Their GPS tracking can't even locate our home and we have 5G towers ALL OVER OUR CITY in Canada! Lucifer is trying to control everything and God keeps tearing apart and protecting humanity from their advancement! the bible says that the spiritual mountain was thrown on the earth and it grew – His Kingdom is advancing and people are waking up to the lies and seeing truth! thanks for all you're doing towards this end, Owen.

  4. It is what it is…
    I quit watching T.V. and Movies and listening to music a few years ago.
    I grew up on this stuff as and it was my way of knowing life.
    I remember when I quit I was thinking I wanted a true life.
    Not a idea of life based on lies.
    Fundamentally T.V. and Movies are lies.
    Not real life experiences.
    Simulated and Fantasized experiences.
    I see things differently now
    And I see people that believe lies are real life in the world

  5. men will have rships with computers (mark my words) i doubt women will fall for it as much,but you never know,,they wil,l look humans feel humans and men will come to belive they are humans after all they egt the sex and dotn have to have her nag or complin to men thats ideal.( many have said this is great) and i think they were serious,,people are marrying building bridges,blow up dolls. you watch i say the next 20 years but most definatley by 2095 just as elo your truly 2095 says in the lyrics he was shown the future it takes one whose had experiences with ufo/missingtime /shown future events to know one.

  6. So if anything that causes fear is a lie does that mean vaccines are safe? Does that mean fluoride in water is good for you? Does that mean GMO is good for you? Just because information can be scary doesn’t mean it’s not true, strong people can handle the truth and live a fulfilled life while most people can’t accept the truth.

  7. I think this is one extreme to another . Fear not , put on the armour of God . However don’t underestimate the power of Satan through technology. Otherwise I like how Owen is trying to get people out of worrying and fear . Pray and read the bible .

  8. I have heard from more than one seasoned believers/Christians that the fallen angels think that they can avoid judgement through transhumanism. Demons NEED to inhabit something and will even inhabit furniture in a pinch. This will sound bizarre to many, but a good channel is Gonz's channel, an author of several books, Face Like The Sun. He keeps up with the science and applies Bible truth.
    Hate to break this to you, says this mother of adult children, born again for almost 4 decades, science and the occult are closely related. But you have found that out, right? Think about it. All Satan has to do is get humans to focus and come into agreement on something. Transhumanism is another form of witchcraft. Being free of fear? You are absolutely right to discourage fear. Man is corrupt though and colossally dim compared to Satan, the fallen angels and demons. Be humble, stay humble.

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