Develop an AI to play Connect Four – Python Tutorial


Learn how to create an expert level artificial intelligence to play Connect Four using Python. We start out with a very simple implementation of just dropping a piece randomly and then progress to choosing a column based on score and then finally implementing the minimax algorithm with alpha beta pruning.

💻 Initial code:

🎥Developing the initial connect four game:
🎥How a board game AI works:
🎥Alpha-beta pruning:

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  1. Sorry but MiniMax with Alpha-Beta pruning is NOT an A.I. Please don't use clickbait titles just for views. Looking forward to a solution with a simple NN, GAN or LSTM.

  2. I love Python and I'll love learn AI, but in Portuguese there are few videos about AI in Python.
    My English is basic. I can understand few words and expressions in the video.
    Translate this video to Portuguese from Brazil if it is possible. PLEASE
    (Some words may be wrong, thanks)

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