Peeew! #475: Michael Alig & Ernie Glam Talk Artificial Intelligence


Michael Alig and Ernie Glam discuss the robot Bina48, her alleged threats against humanity and speculation that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity.

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Michael Alig
Ernie Glam
Scott McEwen

Michael Alig and Ernie Glam are back together again in The Pee-ew to bring you their special brand of political incorrectness and social satire. Each hysterical, action-packed episode features everyone’s favorite ex-club kids pointing their fingers and giggling deviously at the ills of society –giving American Consumer and Celebrity culture a heavy dose of its own medicine. Are they Anarchists, Libertarians, the Illuminati? Whatever you decide, remember there are three things you must do each and every day: Eat! Sleep! Watch The Pee-ew!
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Who the hell do Michael Alig and Ernie Glam think they are? Michael Alig spearheaded a countercultural youth movement based on the concept of the Warholian “anti-Celebrity” and became King of the Club Kids before inspiring the film Party Monster, starring Macaulay Culkin. He is currently painting masterpieces of artwork; working on his autobiography, Aligula; designing a club kid-inspired clothing line called Skroddleface; directing a NYC art collective called Countdown and recording a new dance single. One of the original club kids, Ernie Glam is a journalist and irreverent talk show host by day, Underground clothing designer and stylist-to-the-stars by night; catch him – -if you can get past the red velvet ropes — at the city’s hottest nightclubs and parties.
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  1. You actually hit on a subject that I know a bit about I am fascinated by Sophia, Hanson Robotics AI offering. Bina #9 (she is kinda creepy to me I am unsure why) was developed by the real life Bina's wife and life partner so she would always have Bina which is so totally romantic it breaks my heart. Bina's memories from life etc are being DL'd into Bina's hard drives which has formed a personality quite like Bina for reals. She can also seem like she is annoyed by humans HAHAHAHA that's probably why she makes me uneasy. Now …Sophia is AMAZING! That is the one I'm obsessed with. I have seen all the cut up clips of Sophia saying outrageous things but when you see the original clips they are edited to make it sound violent by people who are MORONS. They are trying to scare you, just a bunch of trolls. AI is very much at this point like your cortana or what have you. They are even uplinked to the internet. They do not work independently well. There are 3 different modes they can run in. One is when the puppeteers are controlling her and she runs on written scripts so totally no surprises, like those Disney robots. The clip where she is joking about taking over the world was a puppeteers typing the words and facial expressions in so …. less scary now you know this? Sarcastic puppeteer folks don't get spun. Might as well be scared of Kermit and miss piggy to while you are about having silly fears. (Hanson is btw a Disney robot engineer before this gig in hong kong.) #2 is when she is in a half and half state. There are scripted responses to trigger words. She times she will spin off on a tangent and talk about shit you never asked HAHAHA Like your drunk friend who talks nonsense? #3 is totally free form this is when they degrade into gibberish at times because they get lost easily. They also every once in a while say amazing shit, but usually not the case. They are babies really. You ever travel down a worm hole in the net and all a sudden you go wtf am I in here for ? O_O Ernie is right the hard drive is spun out a glitch is right. Like a bad hard drive that skips around. The same people that are so against AI ought to be worried, because indeed they could become obsolete esp if they are a bunch of billy bob's in pick up trucks drinking Budweisers and shooting their god given guns out the winda! LOL Point is … as I said am obsessed with AI, I see an awesome and bright future WITH AI. It really doesn't matter what anyone says or does. NONE of us have the power to pull the plug, and no one will listen. You might as well relax and hope for the best. AI is here and it is not going to cease to exist, it just is not. I think they are way further along than they are willing to say. Pretty soon our world maybe very well uninhabitable and we may eventually have to figure out how to transfer our consciousness into them as a route of escape from extinction. I think that's what they are really working on. Want to really get paranoid? Read about The Singularity 😀 heehee Always watch you shows, really enjoy you guys… Love and hugs.

  2. Ultimately, I have a bad feeling about AI. Let's face it, humans are already self-destructing through poisoning the environment etc, there would need to be serious ethical codes adhered to and I just don't see that happening. I mean, look around, we already have numerous robotic sociopaths running the planet as it is! Great topic Mike & Ernie!

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