Pluto’s mysteries


European scientists are learning more about Pluto’s mysteries from NASA’s New Horizons mission, even as the spacecraft continues its summer hibernation. Data sent back from the spacecraft reveals a dynamic planet filled with unusual features that are helping scientists understand this unusually dynamic and icy world.

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  1. What conflicting me is that image of the cartoon dog 🐕 “pluto” in the images presented in this ESA article on the dwarf planet Pluto, being ESA a so serious and pragmatic organization.

  2. It seems so weird to be able to see two worlds so far away from earth. What Pluto and Charon look like was a mystery for so long, and now we know they look nothing like anything else in the solar system. Very insightful.

  3. I wonder how they can infer that this prebiotic matter is formed on pluto. Couldn't it just have accumulated it from other sources? It seems to be pretty ubiquitous throughout space, with these kind of molecules being found on pretty much any space body out there. Could if have been formed from the debris of pre-existing suns, and spread around like any other element we can find in the universe?

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