Rocket welding tool ready on This Week @NASA – September 12, 2014


NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, other NASA officials and representatives from The Boeing Company participated in a September 12 ribbon cutting for the new 170-foot-high Vertical Assembly Center at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. The Vertical Assembly Center is a new tool that will be used to assemble parts of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket that will send humans to an asteroid and Mars. The administrator also visited Stennis Space Center in nearby Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, where engineers plan to test the RS-25 engines that will power the core stage of SLS. Also, Orion moved for fueling, Curiosity to climb Martian mountain, Possible geological activity on Europa, Expedition 40 returns, Earth Science on ISS and Hurricane-hunting aircraft!

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  1. tank barrels are off the Welding Stand now it is time to put them together the Vertical Assembly Center will weld the segments together and when that is done it will be used to paint it. when that is done the core will have the tanks installed and it will be loaded on the Pegasus and transported to Stennis where the engines will be installed and the rocket loaded with fuel for testing on the A1 Test Stand. finally the core will be taken to Kennedy and delivered to the VAB and built into a rocket.     

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