Rosetta mission: Results from comet landing: 14 Nov, 13:00 GMT


Update on the Rosetta mission, including status of the Philae lander.

Hosted by Emily Baldwin – ESA Science Editor, with:
Andrea Accomazzo – ESA Rosetta Flight Director, ESOC
Stephan Ulamec – Philae Lander Manager, DLR
Matt Taylor – Rosetta Project Scientist, ESA
Philippe Gaudon – CNES Rosetta Project Manager, SONC
Holger Sierks – PI for OSIRIS, Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research
Valentina Lommatsch – DLR-Lander Control Center, mission team
Jeff Grossman – OSIRIS-REx Program Scientist, NASA
Gordon Johnston – OSIRIS-REx Program Scientist, NASA

Starts 13:00 GMT (14:00 CET)

More about the Rosetta mission:

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  1. Results?  Ehhh,  Dead battery right after landing?.  The lander failed miserably?.  Basically nothing worked as it should have?   Sad but true.

  2. I cant believe he actually said "we have seen this ROCKY like but NO rock stuff which is ahhhh perhaps higher strength material"? Are you friggin kidding me, you think its maybe hubba bubba bubble gum posing as rock like material? Can't wait for the "dr fred whipple" morons to die off, worst postulation of the 20th century by far.  Might as well create a square basketball for the NBA as it would be as glaringly out of place as dirty snowballs are to comets.

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