ESAHangout: Where will Philae land?


Join us to talk about the possible landing sites on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for Rosetta’s lander Philae.

The Hangout will also include a live draw for participants who took part in our ‘Rosetta, are we there yet?’ photo contest – watch to see if you win ESA swag!

Our hosts will be joined by:
Fred Jansen – Rosetta Mission Manager and/or Matt Taylor – Rosetta Project Scientist [TBC]
Andrea Accomazzo – Rosetta Flight Director
Barbara Cozzoni and/or Valentina Samodelov – Philae Operations Engineer, +DLR, German Aerospace Center [TBC]

Send us your questions before or during the hangout by posting a  comment on this event – or on Twitter using #AskRosetta

#ESAhangout #Rosetta #Philae #hangoutsonair

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  1. Thanks to all who joined our #ESAHangout. If you missed it, you can Hangout with our ESA Rosetta experts all over again. Watch the replay to find out about possible landing sites on comet 67P and more.

    ESAHangout: Where will Philae land?

    Our Rosetta experts are:
    Fred Jansen – Rosetta Mission Manager and Matt Taylor – Rosetta Project Scientist.
    Andrea Accomazzo – Rosetta Flight Director
    Barbara Cozzoni and Valentina Samodelov – Philae Operations Engineer, @***** 

  2. Question: Do you guys think that there is a chance that at the next Council Meeting in december, ESA might allocate some money out of its 4bn€ budget to buy some proper microphones?

  3. I sense these young scientists are not unlike a previous generation of scientists in 1969 when we were worrying about "dust". We had no idea if the dust on the moon was 20 feet thick 🙂 Odds on it is like the moon. After all the moon is just another ex-short period Comet. So the dust will be 1-4 inches just like the moon.  But is the surface frozen ice, rock or what? And as we will be close to the SUN will it be melting. And will Lander Philae contaminate the surface with microbes from earth (even after 10 years in space) ie with frozen or dessicated diatoms, Viruses and Bacteria. 

  4. i see rosetta is near to find clue about the origin of earths water reserve. This is the first time humans discover such type of a space material. We dont know landing device is capable to move on landing point. And will be sufficient 10 years earliers detection and sensing methods to analyse similarity of earths and comets water source. According to my opinion,  the origin of earths water reserve dont based on such type of comets. Earths water puzzle is more complex than we thought. Perhaps we find some viruses on comets surface:)

  5. Hi.

    I noticed that on the graphic presentation on your website: "Where is Rosetta?", it appears that towards the end of 2016, the comet, and Rosetta I presume, will be coming fairly close to Jupiter. Will that have an effect on the comets orbit and do you expect that Rosetta will still be functioning by then?

  6.  ESA luck at this application "M Thermodynamic resonant engine with a rotary variant" only it's flux inversor can help us a lot for landing safety on a planet with atmosphere ,doesn't matter what kind of atmosphere. luck at the"toy" double way fan and it's encapsulation repeated 2-3 times can make vid and then maybe a parchute for landing can to not be necessary. Nobody can to contest it's priority because until today everybody remained with idea of a parachute, yes, then because I was born European too offer me the chance to make a claim and forgive me for it:
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    I make a appeal to all organization of the world – our future need it not be against of it , help it, pray for it to work because our next generations will need it on earth and up into cosmos.
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  7. In August we saw white balls on the surface of the comet. 
    Now it is clear that it is larger boulders. I think it's not the tops of rocks inside. I think it is a giant boulders that freely 'glide' across the surface of a comet. It is a very dangerous surface.

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