Rosetta update


The Rosetta spacecraft is still orbiting comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko while it now approaches the Sun. Six months ago Rosetta made history by delivering its Philae lander onto a comet’s surface – something no other space mission has done before.

This video covers the mission’s highlights so far: from its launch in 2004; its journey across the solar system and waking up after deep space hibernation ten years later, its arrival at the selection of a landing site and Philae’s unexpected multiple landings on the comet. It also reviews what we have learnt about the comet to this point.

Credit: ESA, with footage by DLR, licenced under CC-BY 3.0 DE

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  1. Good news regarding Philae!!
    Are my thoughts faulty if Philae and Roseta communicate when they are in a direct line of communications only and you thonk of the comet as a ball then a line can be drawn around the circumference where Philae must be i.e. the visible circumference of the comet at the point of lost communications Splitting the ball into two faces.
    As Roseta has made changes in its orbit over the past months, the two faces presented  may now be different. If so another line can be drawn around the circumference which would be different except for two points where these lines cross. Because of the rotation of the orbit of Roseta to the comet this can be narrowed down to one point for where Philae is located. Would this work?

  2. Philae on it's journey there was a remarkable feat in itself, and now that it is awake I cannot wait for the updates on the data. This is sooooooo cool!, Makes the space geek in me very happy…Congratulations!

  3. It's amazing to think that while scientists in Europe are achieving these fears of brilliance and ingenuity, a few thousand kilometres away, Daish is shooting up villages and pushing whole nations back to the Dark Ages. The world is a strange and contradictory place.

  4. 1:43 very funny. What with all the clever scientists. Don't you know that a 180 turn over includes the deceleration to 0 km/h in space.
    But i know they believe everything if it's good wrapped.

  5. O ja… Chciałbym zważyć kometę przed zbliżeniem się do słońca, po zbliżeniu i po powrocie przed kolejnym zbliżeniem. Czy wędrując komety "tyją"? I ile?

  6. Still in my mind one of the most important unmanned space missions in history. I can't think of one that was as profound for me. Seeing those pictures from the lander I couldn't get over the fact that this comet was once part of the nebula that our sun and planets came from.

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